Positive Performance


Positive Performance combines top scientific research with real life experience to offer a holistic approach to the field of mental training. They offer coaching for coaches and 1-on-1 training sessions. The owner or Positive Performance was in the middle of refreshing their website and also wanted to refresh some of their most popular downloads and marketing collateral.

BRAVR original

Lindsey did a great job with what she had but now wanted to elevate her brand.


We explored and discovered new ways to breath fresh air into her brand.


I offered many cover and internal pages as visual solutions. We came to this iteration with a good use of white space, clean typography and a nice use of shapes, textures and images.

Social collateral

Based on the BRAVR design we redesigned her one-page cheat sheet which is one of her most popular download. Then came up with some great social media images to promote them.



Onvia 8 is a sales intelligence platform that enables businesses to manage leads, pursue deals faster and plan strategically to get ahead of the bid. While on a ten-week contract, I joined a great team of professionals and helped them design print and digital collateral for use in closing sales, retaining clients and a product launch roadshow in ten locations nationwide.

Onvia 8 landing page

During my tenure with Onvia, I worked closely with the art director, product marketer,marketing director and content developers to design, develop and implement the new product launch page - Onvia 8. The new section on the website and supplemental pages outlined the new product version, its features and functionality. This content was in conjunction with a holistic effort to bring additional clarity to the product and its value. View the Onvia 8 launch page and overview video.

Onvia 8 subscription page

With the launch of Onvia 8, subscription tiers were refreshed. Working with the art director and Drupal developers, I guided the design and assisted with the development of a responsive, easy-to-use table inspired from the print version. Since the launch of this page in September 2017, traffic converted at over 6%. View the Onvia 8 subscription page.

Marketo nurture emails

I partnered with the marketing director, product marketer and email specialist to improve the look and flow of the email templates being used to convert customers and educate clients. The renewed look-and-feel directly impacted the improved click-through rate.


The team produced multiple blogs each week in support of their content-driven marketing strategy. I supported this effort by maintaining the website listing and social media imagery using the designated brand guidelines.

Display ads

Working with Ignite and the SVP of marketing I helped the team with two sets of paid display banners. One set was focused on the company and the other was focused on the Onvia 8 PAAS product.

Gmail email ads

The team and I also created Gmail ads. The subject line was "Find Government Bids" and the preview copy was "Onvia gives you the tools you need to win more public sector business."

Sales slicks

I collaborated with the sales team and product marketer to create sales slicks that drove towards revenue goals.

Sales folder

To support the national roadshow, the art director, product marketer, copywriter, marketing coordinator and marketing SVP worked together to develop a sales folder outlining the new Onvia 8 product. View sales brochure

OnTour pop-up and wall banners

I collaborated with the art director to design and develop wall banners for the roadshow locations, and then coordinated the shipping logistics to ensure timely delivery.

Microsoft Cloud


While contracting with Possible Digital Agency. I helped create solutions for five Global Engagement Platforms (GEPs). I worked with their account managers, creative directors, program and project managers, strategists, MarSci, copywriters and media teams. The GEPs included Azure, Biz Apps, Mobile Application Development (MAD) focusing on Dynamics 365, Mission Critical Intelligence (MCI) focusing on SQL Server and Digital Transformation. Work included concepting, designing and strategizing for brand refreshes, events, illustrations for infographics, social and display banner efforts, eGuides and e-mail nurture streams. Cloud is a huge part of Microsoft’s offerings and revenue. This partnership is a big opportunity to grow their business objectives.

Azure Paid Social Refresh

The Azure team requested us to refresh the images and copy for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The ads focused on "Understanding Azure" eGuide, a webinar, "Cutting Right to the Code" eGuide and free trial. Collateral drove to gated and ungated pieces of content. Visit the Azure landing page

Azure Forrester Report BOM

The Azure Forrester Report BOM of assets designed to promote a section of the Forrester Technographic Survey that focuses on the increasing importance of open source in Enterprise tech strategy. The BOM included assets for their registration page, display and social banners, promo, nurture and thank you emails focusing on developers and ITDMs.

Azure Ad Banner Refresh

Azure gave us current and previous social banners and tasked us with updating them to the new look and feel. Topics included Forrester TEI, Enterprise Cloud Strategy eBook, Cut to the Code and Developers Guide to Azure.

MCI Brand Refresh

With data growing there is business need to harness the competitive advantages this offers. Likewise there’s pressure to move to the cloud, lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve scale – all the while remaining secure and compliant. MCI wanted a new look and feel. We did a competitive snapshot of Oracle, SAP, IBM and HP to get an understanding of their message and visuals. We knew our audience was ITDM, DBA and BDM. We gave the MCI client 3 concepts, each with a different messaging and style. We created mood boards with sample headlines and copy for compete, modernization and TCO tool.

Microsoft Data Moment AMP

We used some of what we were pitching for the new MCI look and feel for an event that was April 19, 2017. We pitched name options and two look and feels. Concept 1– data is everything, and everywhere. Nobody knows that better than us. We show data as all-encompassing by visually overlaying and animating data representations in real world environments. Concept 2 – Making sense. Our main problem with data is not getting it, but making sense of it. We love the challenge but welcome the tools to make it easier. Visually, we show the beautiful disorganization of fractalized imagery, and animate it to become simple, beautiful and identifiable parts of our environment.

MCI TCO Calculator

The business goal is to encourage a switch from their current data base software and server implementation to SQL Server 2016. We first created a new unique look for MCI then applied it to the TCO Calculator campaign. We created landing and registration page banners as well as social, display and native banners.

MAD eGuides

Taking inspiration from Microsoft's Cloud Platform landing page and some of their current eBooks, our team designed two new eGuides for MAD. "Out-Mobile the Competition" (17 pages) and "The Enterprise Developer's Guide to Building Five-Star Mobile Apps" (31 pages). I worked with Possible's project manager, creative director and copy writer. View the Out-Mobile eGuide. View the Enterprise Developers Guide.

Crest Realty


Crest Realty is the property management sector of its parent company Summit Development Group. Summit acquires, develops, builds and manages commercial and residential projects. Crest Realty will take the same level of care and responsibility to client’s assets with quality service in management, accountants and supervisory personnel. Crest Realty is also a full-service real estate brokerage and want to help you get the highest dollar value for your property. Crest Realty needs to look like a sister company to Summit Development. This could be solved by font and color. The logo needs to be readable at all sizes, from letterhead to a vehicle and billboard.

Parent company

Summit Development Group acquires, develops, builds and manages commercial and residential projects.

Inspiration by words

Sometimes by looking at a thesaurus to find synonyms I will find inspiration.


I looked at Summit’s logo and found inspiration in other logos.


I took inspiration from the Summit Development logo. Using the simple stroke triangle mountain peak form as my main inspiration. I thought of ways how you can build on that shape to create the sister brand of unifying peaks.


The digital concepts are based off the Summit logo and page two, bottom-left preferred sketches. I wanted to show the Summit logo next to the new logo so we can see how they look together. I also wanted to show the typography difference between “Realty Property” and just “Realty” and have a conversation around that.

Color exploration

I wanted to show the Summit logo with it’s brand color along with Crest Realty concept and color options.

Solution Color Exploration

We selected the top right row from the last round. This page is to show two-color symbol and wordmark options.

Final Logo Solution

The client chose the right side, blue solution for their new logo. Crest Realty and Summit Development Group logos look great side by side with distinct main colors. But the color system of the whole company are harmonic.


After the logo was delivered. I created a business card, PowerPoint and Letterhead templates based on their Summit Development Group collateral.



Theraworx Active is a brand of Avadim Technologies Inc. They came to me needing a website update in a couple months. They shared with me their logo, colors, image assets they had and I was to work with a copywriter to build the site. I was given their other website real estate; Combat One and pHuel 5.0 websites as inspiration to build the Theraworx Active website. Theraworx Active is a non-toxic, topical muscle nutrition supplement used to relieve training-associated discomfort such as sore legs and muscle spasms and support rehab for sports injuries. launch website.


Their Program Manager and VP, Director of IT & Marketing provided me with a homepage mockup from a their previous designer along with wireframes, their logo, colors and some images to begin mocking up the rest of the pages for the development team. I worked closely with a copywriter on this project.


I created mockups in Photoshop because that was easiest for the development team, using the wireframes, logo, colors and copy into layouts. I proposed stock photography when I felt it was necessary in layout to break up the copy. We went through many rounds of edits and revisions to arrive at final solutions. I then worked with the development team to gain image specs so I could provide web-ready images.

Website Solution

I then handed off my mockups and production (PSDs and JPGs) files to their development team whom built the site. launch website.

Pixel Bokeh Productions


Pixel Bokeh Productions came to me with an interesting problem. Pixel Bokeh Productions is a Seattle based full-service production house that specializes in online videos for corporate, non-profits and educational purposes. They have been in business for a while and love their name but felt that they needed a symbol to help tell clients and potential customers know what type of services they offer. They wanted their new logo to be simple, clear and clean.


Pixel Bokeh's previous logo and current website.


Pixel Bokeh had a pretty good idea of where they wanted their logo to go.

Pixel Bokeh Discovery

I like to ask my clients to find logos the like and dislike and tell me why. The reasons could be because of color, texture, layout or fonts. I find this to be a great exercise for my clients to discover what they want their brand to be.


From our kick-off meeting, their direction and our exercise together I found more inspiration.


Before I go to the computer I typically sketch out a few ideas. I was really inspired by the word bokeh, which comes from the Japanese word boke, which means “blur” or “haze”, or boke-aji, the “blur quality.” Bokeh is defined as “the effect of a soft out-of-focus background that you get when shooting a subject, using a fast lens, at the widest aperture, such as f/2.8 or wider.” Simply put, bokeh is the pleasing or aesthetic quality of out-of-focus blur in a photograph.


I used the previous phases in the process to create my digital concepts.

Round 1

This is what I presented to Pixel Bokeh. They picked out the things they liked and disliked about the options. I knew I had clear direction in the beginning but wanted to explore and show some new ideas. After this round it confirmed out original direction.

Round 2

From our meeting I honed in on what they really wanted. They wanted to see a camera and a play button. So explored more modern cinema cameras.

Color exploration

Pixel Bokeh supplied me with their thoughts on what color options they were thinking. I confirmed their thoughts with red and blues.

Final Solution

To come to a final solution Pixel Bokeh and I had a working session. Being the creates they are, we both felt this was an important step in our process. In the end all parties are happy. Pixel Bokeh has a unique logo for them to update their website and collateral.



I have worked on the T-Mobile brand through many digital agencies in Seattle as a contractor.

18 Geographical Markets

I was brought in by the Garrigan Lyman Group to work on T-Mobile's 18 Market Geographical Websites. I worked with their art directors and senior project manager to source images that might be known by the locals in 18 markets T-Mobile specified. Desktop and mobile marquee images were needed for production.

Holiday Marquees

The Garrigan Lyman Group brought me in to help them with some holiday B2B and B2C campaigns. I needed to use T-Mobile's holiday guidelines to accomplish this. I worked closely with their copywriter and art directors to complete the assignment.

B2B Product Pages

While at GLG we designed this landing page, share email and mech tiles for T-Moblie's business website. I worked closely with the creative director and copywriter.

Landing Pages

While at Garrigan Lyman Group we designed these landing pages focusing on product and entertainment. I worked closely with the creative director and copywriter.

Livingwell Bodyworks


Livingwell Bodyworks is a massage therapist and strength performance trainer. I wanted to combine Mel’s passion for powerlifting, the outdoors and her tagline “one step on your path to wellness”. Mel has been my massage therapist for about a year and know her fairly well and knew this would be a fun project for both of us.


I guided Mel to find examples of logos she liked and connected with. Then I expanded on her search to create clear direction for the her the owner and myself.


From this inspiration I sat down and drew for a while.

Font Discovery

After Mel picked a few sketches she liked I began looking for script and san serif fonts that had character and style.


I began tracking down and creating elements that would fit with the vision I had for her logo.


Bringing it all together. I combined the sketches, fonts and exploration to create some options for Mel.

Color Exploration

Once she picked a concept, I began looking at color combinations. She knew she wanted to stay with earth tones.

Logo Color Exploration

Here are some options I gave Mel to choose from.

Final Logo

Mel decided to go with a classic Pacific Northwest color palette.

Business Card

Livingwell Bodyworks needed professional business cards. We used a beautiful forest illustration on the back that will really build her brand.

Door Banner

We used the style of the logo and forest illustration to create her a custom door banner for her studio door that is in the lobby of a local crossfit gym.

Cascadia Seismic


The owner and I worked together to create this logo. Cascadia Seismic is a company that retrofits houses to withstand earthquakes by securing them to their foundation. I knew I wanted to take what his company's mission and combine it with his passion for the outdoors. launch website.


The owner and I worked together to find examples of logos in the world to drive our inspiration.


From this inspiration I began sketching out ideas.

Font Exploration

Once the owner selected a few sketches he liked I begin hunting for the perfect font. Tough job for a designer. I knew I wanted it to have some character and hint to a vintage rustic feel.


Then I brought my sketches to life in illustrator exploring different trees, mountains, fonts and layouts.


The owner made his selection but we weren't happy with the font option that was with that layout. So I explored other fonts with the layout he selected. We went with the second one in from the left because it had a nice upper and lower case options and still had a lot of character.

Color Exploration

Now that the logo was successful as a black and white I wanted to explore color treatments.

Logo Color Options

I shared a few color options with the client so as not to overwhelm him. We actually went with a combination of the top two.

Final Logo

We went with a solid Pacific Northwest color palette. This logo looks good as a single color and full-color option. We created a beautiful, unique and classic logo that is sure to get respect in his industry and in the greater Seattle area.

Business Card

I gave Dave a couple options to choose from. I had this great idea of adding a soil earth texture to the back of the card. Dave wanted to choose a color for the back that he could still write on. This hunter orange is perfect.


I worked with the owner to find a website management system that he could edit on his own in the future. We selected a SquareSpace template and I got him started by building the pages, customizing it with his new logo, colors and fonts. I worked with him to write content and select images that were friendly and welcoming. launch website.


The owner loves his new brand so much he had custom t-shirts and hats printed. His new brand is truly coming to life.



I had the opportunity to work on Microsoft's Brand Studio Team which is apart of the Central Marketing Group through The Creative Group's assignment. I helped them launch the 2016 brand guidelines, story-telling projects, created concepts to brand related events, posters and program questions. I worked with Jeff Boettcher and Ron Sasaki whom reported to Chris Capisella.

2016 Guidelines

I assisted the team in production, assets creation, layout design for the launch of the 2016 Microsoft Brand Guidelines and Overview.

Brand Central Landing Pages

After we released the guidelines they needed to be uploaded to Brand Central. We then worked as a team to decide new copy and images. The images click through to new animated videos.

Brand posters

Worked with the creative director to create the "history" of the Microsoft's logo posters. These posters were used in the department to beautify and educated peers.

Special Olympics Collateral

The event was #PlayUnited where volunteers and members of the Sounders and Everett Reign engaged with athletes to bring smiles and confidence through sports. I worked with the lead designer who created the initial look and feel for this event and then I created the rest of the collateral for the posters, sail flags, badges, large vinyl banners and letterhead.

Special Olympics Event Photos

Pictures of the event at Memorial Stadium in Seattle.



Mercutio and I are long time colleagues. The owner Jimmy and I have worked on a couple websites with Pointb together. We engaged eachother with a trade for work, I design and they develop both our needed portfolio websites. Mercutio is a rockstar developing, technology, strategy and e-commerce studio in Freamont, WA. They came to me with a new logo, color and fonts. I took where they were headed and made it visually come to life. launch website.


Jimmy the owner of Mercutio had a pretty good idea of how he wanted his website to be laid out. As a team we worked through different animations and functionalities he needed to show off his teams developing and technology capabilities.


I then came up with a concept that encompassed the brand tone he desired. I also gave recommendations on animations by giving examples for Mercutio's developers inspiration.


We launched March of 2016. Mercutio's site is fully responsive and has stellar animation sprinkled throughout the site. launch website.

Eastlake Performance


The owner of Performance Project came to me with sketches and clear direction for colors. He needed help bringing his logo to life. He is a successful personal trainer in the Seattle area and is opening a new studio on Eastlake. He likes to focus on fine tuning default movement patterns and biomechanics to optimize performance and reduce injury.


The owner supplied me with sketches for his new logo.


I took those sketches and traced them. From there I massaged and worked the bones of what the owner wanted in a logo. An E and a P with an abstract Space Needle and showing forward movement. I came up with a simple solution inspired by his sketches.


The owner knew he wanted black, electric blue and neon green. So I explored those colors a touch too and gave him options of what his logo could look like.


We came to a final solution quickly. I supplied a stacked and horizontal logo for him to use on business cards, social media and his studio signage. As well as a type face and colors for him to easily use. I delivered vector high-res files and transparent PNGs with a one-page style-guide.



Evluma needed some extra design hands. I worked with the Creative Director and their Latin America Sales Rep to create these pieces in Spanish. Evluma is a leader in LED lighting system solutions and engineer and manufacture their products in the USA. They are a great option for rural and city lighting.

Large Tri-Fold Brochure

We needed to create a large tri-fold brochure for their Latin American market. The unfolded size is 25.4 x 11 inches and 8.5 x 11 inches when folded. We created it in English and worked with a local translator to make this brochure the perfect piece of collateral for the sales team.

Mini Booth

Evluma has a trade show this summer and needed some help creating these pieces for print. They provided the specs and renders. I worked with the Creative Director, Sales Rep and translator to help them create a booth and get the files to the printer in time for printing and shipping to the show in Mexico.



Brenthaven is a local company that produces innovative, high-quality and beautiful bags and accessories for your daily needs. We have worked together on a few projects.

Email concept 1

Brenthaven came to me wanting a fresh set of eyes on their email marketing and give some new ideas. I researched email blasts of REI, Nordstrom, DSW, Under Armour, Nike and Fabletics. These companies are amazing at focusing their product marketing toward the person and how their products will improve their lifestyles. There are a couple things in my opinion that the current email marketing is missing, it is too flat and static, they needed to target the demographic the bag is for, there wasn't enough lifestyle photography, they needed to consider a "you might like this" section or "up-sell" sections and there wasn't mention of the lifetime guarantee. All these things might add to the ROI for the company. In my first concept I showcased a product line focusing on the bag but added animation to the bag to give more interest. I added a section to pick what type of device you might be shopping for and a guarantee section.

Email Concept 2

In concept two I focused on how the bag might improve and add value to a consumer's lifestyle. Then I added a section on best sellers, accessories and lifetime guarantee. The use of lifestyle photography and unique copy addressed to the bag's demographic is super important because it might spark how the produce will fit into their life and in turn lead to a purchase.

Print Ads & Digital Marketing

Print ad for Puget Sound Business Journal, email blasts and social media posts.

Relion Inc.


Relion Inc. is a brand of Avadim Technologies Inc. They came to me needing a website in a week. They gave me their corporate colors, images, their logo and copy. Relion Inc. is a contract manufacturing and packaging provider with more than 25 years of industry experience.


Relion picked the Foundry Theme template. I worked with them and a copywriter to pick out what pages from the theme that would fit the content they had and wanted to use.


I created mockups in Photoshop using the chosen theme, logo, colors, images and copy into layouts.

Website Solution

I then handed off my PSD files to their development team whom built the site. launch website.



When I joined SportsArt they needed help with a brand refresh. They were a global company without formal brand guidelines. They had no brand awareness. SportsArt designs and manufactures cardio and strength equipment. They also have a patent on an ECO-POWR product. The person on the elliptical or bike creates utility grade power that helps offset costs of the gym or studio. They wanted a brand that was moving forward and green.

Old Branding

This is an example of collateral and previous website. When I arrived Oct 2014 they had just worked with an agency to design their new logo in the green and gray colors.


I began creating a mood board and style for the company.


Then I created brand guidelines to work with. These guidelines included logo, color, type, elements, product and lifestyle photography usage and examples.

E-mail Templates

I created the company's first designed email blasts and campaigns using Constant Contact. I worked with the company's Product Manager and CEO to get copy and images from Headquarters in Taiwan. We later upgraded to HubSpot.

Posters & Print ads

I then created motivational posters for dealers and events and print ads for magazines.

Social Media

And finally I got to create a social media effort to build brand awareness. This included posts, profile and banner images.

Marketing Collateral

While working at SportsArt I worked with the CEO, VP of sales and marketing to create t-shirts, tumblers, truck wrap, shipping boxes, bags, pocket folders and usb drive concepts. I then worked with the brokers and printers to make some of the ideas come to life.

Program Names

We created names and logos for SportsArt programs. They were designed after the SportsArt logo look and feel to create a wholesome family. SmartFIT is a turn key solution for hotels and fitness centers. ECOsmart is your turn key studio solution for sustainable fitness.



While working at SportsArt I art directed 4 promotional videos. I worked with the CEO at the time and the Product Developer to find our video production crew Pixel Bokeh whom then found the space and makeup artist for our 1 day shoot. I found talent, styled the talents clothing and helped coordinate the shoot. I later storyboarded the videos working with copy provide and worked with Pixel Bokeh on rounds of edits for their final production.


EcoPower is a system where a user creates utility grade energy while using a cycle or elliptical. That energy produced gets put back into the grid to offset the building's energy costs. Micro-inverters are housed inside the shroud and all you have to do is simply plug it into the wall.Watch the EcoPower Video


The Pinnacle is the only cross trainer that combines both linear and lateral motions, adjustable stride width, variable foot position and unique handle positioning for an unprecedented workout of infinite variety.Watch the Pinnacle Video

T675 Toughmill Treadmill

The T675 Treadmill offer a self-lubricating belt system, heavy duty frame with a sturdy running platform, an Energy Smart™ idle feature and a wide range of display and workout programs.Watch the Toughmill Treadmill Video


Before the 2016 Senza by SportsArt launch we needed to blow out the old inventory. We worked together to create this promotional video. Watch the Touchscreen Video



SportsArt needed a new website that displayed their products and features in a more professional way. launch website


I was new to the company. I began interviewing managers to figure out the needs.


Then I began sketching out ideas of what product and landing pages could look like.


Then I concepted some designs and functionalities that were important.

Wordpress Website

We decided to go with salient theme from forest themes and customized it. It is responsive, uses parallaxes, has informative product pages and has a carousel of short videos on the homepage.



I worked for the Windows.com team in 2013 as a contractor through Filter Digital. I helped created the responsive website and production guidelines, web pages and print product guide.

Style Guide

My main focus on the Windows.com team was to help create a Style Guide for the website. This guide included everything from color, vertical spacing, typography ramps, image style, brand personality, column and images widths and sizes, production and file naming conventions.

Landing and Product Pages

I was apart of the Windows.com design team. I created image assets for the site and gave design concepts and solutions for many pages.

June 2013 Product Guide

While working with the Windows 8 design team I got to design and produce for print the product guide for June 2013 launch.



I contracted at Nordstrom for a few weeks helping with miscellaneous projects.

Internal Calendar

Designed a concept for Nordstrom's internal marketing calendar.

Card Application & Mailer

Designed concepts for Nordstrom's credit card application, greeting letter and card carrier. The team was exploring fun typography treatments and a splash of color.



I designed Halo Reach and Xbox games email blasts and campaigns while working at Wunderman Impact.


I worked with the senior designer and copy writer to create these.



I have worked on the Microsoft brand while working at several Seattle agencies.

Trifold 2 color Mailer

Created three print brochure concepts for Microsoft's Tech Ed conference. The idea was to go from safe to crazy with the designs. The new look and feel for the conference really allowed a lot of room for fun typography. Created while working at Wunderman.


Microsoft hardware brochure for the Arc Keyboard. Created while working at Edelman Creative.

Animated GIF Banners

Created concepts for Cloud web banner while working at Wunderman.

Animated GIF Banners

Created concepts for Microsoft Exchange web banner while working at Wunderman Impact.



While working for BDA's PowerA company I worked with the industrial designers who created everything from iPhone and iPad cases, gaming controllers, gaming zipper folios and backpacks to Styluses. We got the license for Starwars to create these products.


iPhone 5/6 cover and iPad protector packaging. I had to use the Starwars branding to create our packaging. These went through several rounds with Lucas Film LLC for approval before they could be released to printing.

Oh Boy Oberto


I worked on Oh Boy Oberto while working at Edelman Creative and Fitch.

Web Banners

Oh Boy Oberto web Seafair ad banners.

Packaging Concepts

Designed concepts for Oh Boy Oberto's new package design. Created while working with Fitch.

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew


Created marketing materials for the launch of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew while working at Edelman Creative.

Recipe Cards

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Mix-off recipe cards. The top bartenders in Seattle created cocktails with VIA for a charity event.

E-mails & Posters

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Mix-off emails and promotional banners and flyers.



I got introduced to Pointb while working at The Garrigan Lynman Group. Later Mercutio brought me in to help design microsites for them. It has been a great partnership.

Process Website

Pointb management consulting resort development Property Development Services website. They wanted a micro site to bring clients through their process. I designed and produced the responsive website with Mercutio. launch website

Single page jumping website

Pointb is management consulting company that needed help building a single jump page website for their Resort Development Solutions. I designed and produced the responsive website with Mercutio. launch website

Digital Marketing

I have helped Pointb with several social media campaigns and updates to their website hero banners.

Craftsman Plumbing


The owner and I worked together to create a logo that meant dependable, trustworthy and quality. I wanted to create a classic timeless logo and brand. I had to beware of trademark infringements. launch website


The Discovery phase allows me to discover and research companies in and out of the clients industry. This helps the client and I create a mood board and direction.


The next phase is sketching. I take pieces of what I like from the mood board and brief and begin sketching. We had a couple rounds in the sketching phase to find things the client liked.


Once the client has picked a few sketches they like I begin digitalizing. I discover fonts and bring my sketches to life.


After finding fonts and elements I like I begin pairing them together. The client and I at this point could figure out if we wanted to go with a clean san serif font or a vintage script. We eventually went with the script and I began evolving and customizing the font to be exactly what we wanted.


After we decide on a logo. I deliver the fonts and colors.


Craftsman Plumbing needed business cards, letterhead, envelopes and a thank you card right away. I created several concepts, lockups and ideas for the client to choose from.


Then we worked together to create a professional website on square space. I taught him how to edit the site after I set up the templates. launch website


We have continued working together to create print ads for local papers and magazines.

Truck advertising

It has been amazing to watch Craftsman Plumbing go from one truck to four!

RockSteady Massage


The owner and I worked together to create a logo that embodied a modern, asian, tranquility flare. I wanted to make sure his logo and branding matched his asian inspired massage studio. This logo needed to say sturdy, strong and peace. In my process we have a meeting between every phase to make sure the client and I are on the same page. launch website


The Discovery phase allows me to discover and research companies in and out of the clients industry. This helps the client and I create a mood board and direction.


The next phase is sketching. I take pieces of what I like from the mood board and brief and begin sketching.


Once the client has picked a few sketches they like I begin digitalizing. I discover fonts and bring my sketches to life.


After finding fonts and elements I like I begin pairing them together.


After we decide on a logo I deliver the fonts and colors.

Business Cards

RockSteady needed business cards right away. So I gave him several options to choose from.


Then a developer and I worked with the client to create a simple responsive website. launch website

Frances Grace


The owners of Frances Grace and are long time friends and partners. They are a full service hair salon for adults and children located in Mill Creek, WA.

Updated Logo

I first updated their logo making it more readable at a small size and removed the decorative oval. It wasn't adding any value to their logo.


Then I created for them a brand colors and font to help with brand awareness.

Business Cards

Then need new business card and I came up with a couple solutions for them to pick from.


I now design their street signs, magazine print ads and social media posts. I worked very hard to give them their own style as a salon.

Quarterly Magazine Ads

Frances Grace and I do quarter page ads in the local Mill Creek Living Magazine every season.



This is a tool that allows the user who needs medical care to easily search for providers, identify average costs of procedures and read reviews. It will then allow them to communicate with the provider to get more information and estimates. Once the user chooses a provider, they are then presented with hotels, car rentals, transportation and airfare options like Expedia with the ability to book and get an itinerary. The logo needed to be simple, organic and shows movement, medical and positive energy.


But first we had to come up with a cleaver unused name. Se we went through many word mash ups and brain storm sessions. We finally decided on Travani.


Not that I had a name and direction from the owner. I was on the hunt for bird inspiration.


I sketched up a bunch of options and directions for and with the owner.


Once the client has picked a few sketches they like I begin digitalizing. I discover fonts and bring my sketches to life.


After finding fonts and elements I like I begin pairing them together.

Color Exploration

We explored many color options.


After we decided on a logo. I delivered the fonts and colors.

Business Cards

I then created several business card options for him to choose from.

Town Square


I worked with the client through 3 rounds; ideation and concepting, sketching and vectorizing Town Square Fabric and Yarn's branding. The owner wanted a classic London shop feel.


The Discovery phase allows me to discover and research companies in and out of the clients industry. This helps the client and I create a mood board and direction.


The next phase is sketching. I take pieces of what I like from the mood board and brief and begin sketching.

Exploring & Concepting

Once the client has picked a few sketches they like I begin digitalizing. I discover fonts and bring my sketches to life. After finding fonts and elements I like I begin pairing them together.


After we decided on a logo.

Business Cards

Then I created clean and simple business cards.



MoGa. Mobile Gaming. Was a brand we came up with while working for BDA and PowerA.

Branding, App & Packaging

I helped design the logo, mobile MOGA Pivot App and help design the packaging for the MoGa device. The MoGa is a gaming controller that safely holds your phone while you played games on it.



As an architect, this client is inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. He strives to create buildings with well defined geometric forms, open free flowing spaces, and clean minimal details. These modern attributes are complimented by warm, natural materials such as wood and stone. The colors in his logo are representative of the oranges in our magnificent sunsets and the warm earthen browns of our forest floors. Think craftsmanship, clean, and classic.


The Discovery phase allows me to discover and research companies in and out of the clients industry. This helps the client and I create a mood board and direction.


The next phase is sketching. I take pieces of what I like from the mood board and brief and begin sketching. We had a couple rounds in the sketching phase to find things the client liked.


Once the client has picked a few sketches they like I begin digitalizing. I discover fonts and bring my sketches to life.


After finding fonts and elements I like I begin pairing them together. The client and I at this point couldn’t figure out if we wanted to go with a clean san serif font or a slab serif font. We eventually went with the slab serif for the main name and a sans serif for the sub title. The client and I went back and forth over oranges with navy or red orange with gray.


After we deciding on a logo. I delivered the fonts and colors.